Monday, November 22, 2010

Project 7: Kid's Summary

For my C4K #8 I was assigned to look at Kale's blog. He drew the following picture and said "This is me as the Star Wars guy on Halloween." I left the following message for him: I love you picture! Did you do this in the Paint program? I hope you had a great time trikc-or-treating this year! I bet you scared a lot of little kids with your Star Wars outfit! Hope you got lots of candy, and your blog is really neat, too! Have a good day.

Comment 9 was for a boy named Brian. He left the following on his blog: "These native animals helped the natives very much because they hunted them for food. These animals live in landforms,climate and vegetation is a region effect to attract animals around them (birds and fish too.)The caribou,buffalo,moose and white tailed deer are the most common animals to hunt daily. Most are located in the middle of North America. In the winter time , the common animals flee away to hibernate. So they most likely hunt bears and foxes for the winter situation. They add salt on top to let them stay the same during all winter. After winter time is finished they eat the animals they saved and use the fur to sell. The natives mostly use all the leftovers so nothing goes to waste. For an example; they use the fur to sell or clothing, food to feed, teeth for weapons (claws too). The natives respected the environment so much because they use what they only need, they don’t let anything go to waste, wooden houses. After the natives respected the animal cycle also because the food was depending on their life and they assumed that the animals were letting themselves die. The animals were causing themselves to die as if they wanted to feed them on purpose. They created strong weapons to kill animals. There are some guns to kill but it is very expensive. They also use knives with animals teeth, attach a sharp rock to a stick to stab. The natives were very resourceful."

I left the following response: You have so much information on this post about animals! It’s all very informative and well written. Hunting is a little sad to me, but everyone has to live, right? I’m glad to hear that the Natives were being resourceful and logical about their targets.

My comment 10 for kids was on Brianna's blog. She posted the following: "Whenever I have a test I study the night before. I work out different problems from the book that are the same. I check the outcome of the problem in the back of the book. Another thing I do is ask as many questions as I can. I find that that’s the best way someone learns somthing. Then I write down all of the problems and how you solve them, if I asked them or not. In the end, all people learn in many ways but whatever you do to study as long as you put the effort into it then you are bound to learn something."

My response: I used to study math the same way. Some people say there is no way to study math, but I disagree! I would always try to look for similar problems in the book as we did in class. Then I’d work them and then view the answers in the back of the book.

Comment 11 was for Amy. She said: "Rocio is coming over to my house today for the first time! We are going to have so much fun. First, we are going to play with my kittens and dog. Next, we are going to play in the snow. Then we are going to ride the 4-wheelers around the yard, then on the trail. I am going to show her my secret fort. I cant say where it is. Then if we are lucky, I am going to ask my dad if he can take us to Camp Foster. To see my horses. The horses names are, Naddie and Miracle. They’re really fun horses. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!!!!! :)"

And I left the following: Hi!! I bet you two had a great time! Were you able to go the Camp to see your horses? I used to have a cat but now I just have a dog named Nike! I live in Alabama so I wouldn't be able to go play in the snow at all over the year!

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