Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog 11

This video was so cute! It's so important to use technology for the future of these students. Even one child said that it helps their spelling. The kids seem to be having fun. When kids have fun learning, you can't go wrong!

Blogs and videos would be what I would use in my classroom. Students learn from seeing something over and over again. Also, I think students learn better by seeing classsmates to something or talk about something. A teach may come across students not completing their blogs or not participating in an activity or video. If students are making a video as a group, it teaches them to work together and plan out what is going to be done.


  1. Hi, Leah!

    Great post! I agree with you that children learn better when they're having fun. Also, I really like your point that children are typically visual learners and can learn from "seeing something over and over again". Also, don't you think that making a video as a group teaches children how to work cooperatively?

  2. “Little Kids Big Potential” is the perfect title for this video. This is an awesome demonstration of a couple of important things about kids and technology. First of all, young kids are not uncomfortable using technology and secondly, technology allows young kids to learn tasks like writing, reading, and specific subject matter in multiple ways at the same time. Using computers for these students will be as common and automatic as using pencil and paper was for students 10 years before. Mastering these tools early on prepares these students for more enhanced and efficient learning in the future.

    I'm glad to read that you will be using blogs with your future students. SS