Sunday, November 21, 2010

Additional Assignment #5

Adventures in Pencil Integration
I've seen this blog many times before. This is a page I've been assined to look over through teacher comments. I really enjoy reading what he has to say next. His kids are pretty funny! He seems to really have the ability to reach out to elementary students and connect with them.

He shared four different experiences he's had. I love the sentence that he uses: She's writing the world in ink and I'm sketching it out in pencil. He uses this sentence to show that the world is changing, education is changing. We cannot have the same old practices; they will no longer work in our society and schools. Spencer is able to see the importance of change and the ability of a teacher to conform with this change. In another post, he shows the importance of teacher-student mutual respect. Your students have to be able to trust you. We have to stop and realize that learning begins with this mutual understanding and respect. I loved his post "Just Teach them To Solve for X"! This interaction is so typical. Education seems to be all about the banking system now- put information in and spit it right back. But students do not learn from this type of "education"!

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