Sunday, November 7, 2010

Project 7: Kid's Summary (Comments 3-7)

My third kid's comment was for Lorenzo. He made produce a 29 second video about Captain Cook. The video directly under it was short and sweet and basically said "My video was supposed to be longer." I thought that was so cute! His mom and teacher encouraged him with both of their comments. I told him that I was glad I was asked to view his production because I know little about Captain Cook. I think Lorenzo will be known one day! He seemed eight years old and already he produced at least two videos!

The 4th comment I left for was on a blog belonging to two people: Sheridan and Margaret. The usually used this blog to write letters to eachother. Sheridan posted about a trip to Thailand! "It is Sheridan, I guess you have noticed that I haven’t been at school for a while, that is because I have been in Phuket! It is great here I can’t wait to tell you all about it! I will start off by talking about the plane, we were suppossed to be in premium economy but my mum and dad got upgraded to business class so Tara (my sister) and I went in business class too! It was the best flight ever! We had a chair that folds down to a bed, a touch screen TV and I watched about 3 movies and 2 TV shows! I watched flicka 2, diary of a wimpy kid, Toy Story 2, suite life on deck and suite life of Zach and cody. One of the men working on the plane let us have ice cream and cranberry juice! When we arrived, we went on a bus to a resort called Club Med in Kata, Phuket which was 1 hour away from the airport . On the bus was our groups tour guide, her name was Jennifer. It is a bit hard to understand what Thai people say because when Jennifer was teaching us how to say hello in Thai (which is sow-ard-i-kah, and the proper spelling is sawadee kah and boys say sow-ard-i-krab and the proper spelling is sawadee krab) I got a bit confused and said something else! As we got to Club Med we hopped out of the bus and had many staff welcoming us. They were from all over the world including Australia, France, Italy and a whole lot more. The staff gave us necklaces made from flowers. The next day we went on a safari and watched a monkey twist coconuts off trees and steal my mums thong! After that we saw how a coconut was cracked open. After that we smelt and tasted Thai herbs and foods, it was very yummy! Then we saw how our thongs and rubbers are made from rubber trees. Finally, (the exciting thing I have been waiting to tell you!) we rode on some elephants! It took about 25 minutes to go back to the start. It was a great experience! Three days after all of that we arrived at the Sheraton Grande Laguna and we got the best room you could get in the hotel (which is what the lady said!) and the bath is really cool! It’s a shower and a bath in one that has stairs you need to walk down. The water comes out of the roof from a massive shower head, oh it is so good! There are 2 baby elephants here called Lilly and Lucky and they are so cute and smart! On the second day we went to kids club and met some girls from Melbourne called Tori and Lilly. Tori is 7 which is my sisters age and Lilly is 10! The drinks are so different here they have apple smoothies and milkshakes as well as grape, mango, guava, grapefruit, coconut (served in a coconut) and watermelon juice. I will update this post with more info soon! I miss you and wish you could all be here with me in beautiful Phuket, Thailand." I responded with: "The only interesting plane ride I’ve had is when I went to Belize, Central America. Yours sounded a lot more relaxing though! I’ve never flown in business class but after reading about your experience, I look forward to the opportunity! We also saw monkies in the jungle! The only difference is that the monkies you saw seemed to be talented and entertaining! The monkies in Belize were very loud and obnoxious! We too were welcomed with open arms. It’s different being in a different country, or even just a different culture, but I hope you had a good experience as I did! Welcome back to the great USA! Have a great remainder of the year!"

The 5th comment for kids was Claire's. She wrote the following: "My mum was away druing perent teacher, but went to talk to Mrs Spencer. I don’t know what they talked about…
I reckon if mum went in to talk to Mr Clark, he would of said that i should cut down on talking in class." I responded with: "I enjoyed reading your posts! I can defintely relate to this one! It’s always a little scarey when you know mom is going to the school. Sometimes I think teachers overreact on students talking in class. Talking is natural! I think there should be more time for students to socialize during the school day! Hopefully you won’t get into any trouble Have a great remainder of the year!"

Comment 6 was for Jackson L. He posted: "Longest Word in the World!
This is how you spell the longest word in the world:
It is 45 letters and has 19 syllables." I responded to the post with: "This word is crazy! My brother has always told me that the longest word is “antidisestablishmentarianism!” I guess he was wrong! I’m assuming that “Pnuemonoultramicroscopicsylicovalcanoconiosis” is some sort of disease or illness. Do you know? Your blog is very interesting!"

Comment 7 was on Ashleigh's blog. It read: "We went to the GEELONG SHOW!!!! We got in to the show and we walked around and Dad saw the tracker pull so we watched that for a while.Me,Mum,Dad and Riley went for another walk. We went to the Barwon Water tent and got free water bottles. I got a Showbag and it was NZ Style it is really cool!!! I had a FANTASTIC time!" I had no clue what the Geelong Show was! So I had to ask a few questiosn: "I’ve never been to the Gleelong Show. In fact, I’m not sure if I even know what it is! What is the show like?" She did respond to it but it still had no information about the show! So, I'm stil hanging!

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