Sunday, October 3, 2010

Project 7: Kid's Summary

My first and second kid's comment were for Trystan. The first blog I commented on was his "About Me" section. I left the following response:
"This is not very important but I love the name of the kids in your family! I'm always trying to come up with different names for my future kids. I'm not a huge reader but I do love listening to music. I always have to be listening to something when studying. Craziness is very important in a family! I also agree in that every teacher can explain things a tad more! It is difficult when you go home with an assignment, thought you understood it and all of it a sudden it takes up your whole night! But hang in there; I'm sure you'll do great in and outside of school! Look forward to reading more about you! Have a great remainder of September!" I really wanted to try to encourage him. All students, regardless of the age, struggle with teachers that maybe aren't fit for the job or that level.

The next post I commented on of Trystan's was his manifesto, which I really enjoyed! I left the following comment:
"Committing yourself to being a better student is always good! Most students, including myself, should be promising this to themselves also. My little brother, a seventh grader, hasn't come across this phenomenon yet! Television is always interesting. I have my shows that I either DVR or watch as it comes on. When they're DVR-ed, I usually watch those while I'm in bed, after everything has been completed. Television is not a bad or evil thing, but we can make it evil with the amount of time we put into it. It's difficult for me to set my own bed time. Some days are just more intense than others. But I always try to get in bed at a REASONABLE hour! Basically, before 11:30 is good enough for me! Good luck with pushing through your wish list!" I really hope that Trystan tries to stay with his desire! Those are all important things to edit for a positive outcome. Hopefully he will stick with it and I took will develop my own determinations!

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