Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog 8


Wow! Some people have very strong feelings about the Smartboard. One says that they may be cool, yet they're expensive and don't fix and education problems. Another agrees that these cost way too much. She says that she only used two or three cool lesson plans with the Smartboard. Yet, she still had to the same amount of work if not more with having to learn how to use it.
I found a blog that talked highly of the Smartboard. This site listed the benefits of a Smartboard. Those positive characteristics include project computer displays, presntations, saving your work, and there's no need for dry-erase marker or chalk. This means it mess free! I agree in that they're expensive, but I think that's the only downfall of the Smartboard. The price is worth it with these benefits! The following is a link to the beenfits page:

EDM for Dummies

Well I'm glad I'm not the only one! I really liked this video. It was very eye-catching and entertaining! I liked that the actual characters were not the students producing the movies. It seemed like this was Poppy's video. Even though it was a rehearsed video with lines, it didn't seem staged. It was well acted out. Anytim the Jaws-like msuic played it grabs my attention and sends chills down everyone's spine! This movie was for sure informative and I think I should have looked at this video when it was encouraged!
JAMIE-LYNN: 2011 Emmy Nominee!!!!

The Chipper Series

I enjoyed the "rawness" of this video. I was hoping that the YouTube video didn't have to be too technical! I like that they used the same people in one day. I enjoyed the actual context of the video too. Every now and then we all need another review on procrasination. I liked the point made about her dropping out just because of Dr. Strange's class. Students, including myself, need to be constantly reminded that one poor test grade is not going to end their life. On the other hand, other students should be more stressed about their test grades. (this is where the video froze and I could no longer view it) Because the video messed up on my computer, I am actually pretty anxious to find out from a classmate what ends up happending to Chipper. I think at some point in the video, she will not be so "Chipper" anymore and really think about what she's done with her life and where she wants to go. Hopefully she'll head down the right path.

Richard Miller

I am partially prepared to write with multimedia. I use technology resources more than I do physcial paper. I will probably not incorporate THAT much technology in my classroom as Richard was saying. I want my kids to be successful in all areas. This means I will do some assignments one way, some another, and some that may be a little odd to them!

Richard Miller talked about all kinds of changes. As he was talking, images and words were popping up on the screen. Some of it, I could do on my Mac and I don’t even know how. Richard E. Miller shows what can be done to change the “reading and writing with products” people to “multimedia” people.

An incremental change is how we have taken writing with pen and paper and going to the library, and we are now doing virtually everything without having to touch paper or step foot into a library book. As he was talking about this, a Mac laptop came up and showed someone with two Word documents and one Safari page open at the same time, and he could see all three. It showed him simply research what he needed and copy and pasting it into the document. He then went on to talk about collaborating.

In the second part, he talks about how he can compose writing on the web, and he shows his colleague’s tool, and it is an application on a Mac that searches blogs as they are written moment by moment. It looked really cool and pretty with all the colors and visual effects. But then he says we don’t have the way to teach what he just described to us in that video. He says “technology articulates our dreams and allows us to shares them with others.”


  1. You are so right about the smart boards. There were so many views about them. I think they are just one example of how technology in the classroom is getting better.

    I also liked what you said about multimedia writing in the classroom. I think it is very important , but I would also like for my students to be successful in all areas. I think I would focus more on the multimedia portion of it, but I would also like for them to be able to do it the "old fashion way".

  2. Hey Leah,

    I think you are on the right track with the smartboards, and we all know that people will have different opinions. But, once you actually use the smartboard, I think you might change your mind.

    I like how you said that you would probably use a veriety of ways with writing digial. I think it is important for students to have many different exposers in order to be able to use all different ways of writing.

    Good post Leah!

    Stephen Akins