Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog 10

Morgan Bayda

This video had good arguements about education. Truthfully, I agree with Morgan.
Public school system: Why is the United States so behind in education? Why are we not more knowledgable about what to do in order to acheieve greatness in the school system? The only time you hear about education in the US is when someone is talking about how bad it is. In fact, just Tuesday I went to lunch and mom told me she knew a mom and son from Brazil. The boy is a junior at Fairhope High School and he doens't have any courses to take because he's taken all of them. Yes, the system is screwed up. What are we supposed to do to fix it? I do not have any answers!
College education: I couldn't wait for my undergrad classes to start because I was so sick of learning things I'd never use in my career. I've spent 13 years doing that. However, I guess I'm not done with classes that do nothing. This semester I am in diverse society. All I've done in that course is do history research about myself. This is never going to help me in the classroom; I don't care what anyone says! It's unfortunate that I'm spending ALL of this money for nothing.

Pencil Integration

I'm glad this blog was assigned to everyone. I've been assigned this teacher as my teacher comment guy. I tihnk his posts are very itneresting, funny, and worthwhile!

Two Questions That Can Change Your Life

1. What's my sentence?
"I do everything in my power for others to help their lives be easier and a little happier."

2. Was I better today than yesterday?
Oh goodness! This seems like a very difficult question. In fact, I kind of feel like a reject because I'm pretty sure my answer is "no." I really don't think I can consider yesterday. I think that because days are up and down for everyone, it's hard to get better and better with every passing day. Am I better than six months ago? Yes. Will I be better tomorrow than I was today? Now that I've been asked that question, I will be more aware of that going troughout my day in order ot better myself!


  1. Leah, I agree that the education system in USA is far behind those in other countries. However, we should keep in mind that we could be in last place. I also agree that we did learn useless bits of information through out our primary education days, but if you are becoming a teacher, aren't you going to be teaching something from what you learned yourself to your future students?

    As far as your sentence, I feel like I am reading my own. I'm not saying that you copied mine, I am saying that I am the same way and used something very similar. When you watch the news, it is full of horrible stories of what people do to one another, I am relieved to know that there is someone out there with a heart that enjoys helping others, as much as mine.

  2. Leah,

    You bring up a very interesting point ... I couldn't wait for my undergrad classes to start because I was so sick of learning things I'd never use in my career. I've spent 13 years doing that. However, I guess I'm not done with classes that do nothing ... this is a big problem with the education system. It is broken and we continue to do the same things that are not working. EDM 310 is a fresh way to approach education and I hope you are going to take what you learn here and apply it in your classroom in the future.