Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blog 9

What I've Learned This Year

It's scary going into the profession. I am glad to hear that not all lessons are perfect though! I also hear that what you'll learn 10x more in the classroom than you'll learn in classes to prepare. It's encouraging to know that our nerves are not alone! Our first year of teacher will be the most stressful. We will be learning so much through experience and we will be frustrated with USA for having to pay thousands of dollars to learn stuff that did not prepare us! I am very excited and anxious to find a job and get in a classroom! It's very comforting to know that not everything we will be perfect, especially year 1!


  1. We all learn from our experiences. I am still learning after 46 years. And I still have days when nothing seems to work. Learning never ends!

    Did you get an assignment this week to comment on Mr. McClung's blog? If not, check it out anyway! Mr. McClung's World

  2. Hi Leah! It was good to hear that no lesson will ever be perfect because it is very stressful trying to learn everything and prepare to be a "perfect teacher". I think Mr. McClung gave us some great advice for starting our career. Although everyone's first year will be a little different, its great that he shared his experience so that we have some idea of whats to come!