Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Project 3: Teacher's Summary

I have been assigned to read David Hopkins' blog posts. His first post was so neat! The post was about an iPhone application called "Streetmuseum." Created in London, it allows anyone with the app to view historical photographs in different parts of the particular area in which you are. The app uses a GPS to lead you to different locations. Once you've reached your coordinates, select the "3D View" button and a photo of a past time will appear. It gives you a glimpse of what life was like during that time period. I am not an iPhone owner but if I were, I would be all over this! Not only does it teach us more about technology but it teaches about our history! It allows us to remember that we are not the only people on the planet!

David Hopkins' second post was on the topic of blog security. I have never even heard of WordPress and here I am trying to apply it. Hopkins gives a list of the best tools and programs to protect our blogs. He also lists "Top 10 Ways to..." to further security on the internet. I love the idea that people around the world are sharing how to protect ourselves! I don't know much about blogs in the first place. So, reviewing his posts has helped me get in tune with the Apple and blog world!

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  1. Leah,

    I am glad that you did such a good job sharing what your teacher had to say about the iPhone app and internet security. You might consider editing this post to include a link to his blog using the html codes that are in your instruction manual. Otherwise, great work! Keep it up.