Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

A./B. As a visual learner, Google Squared and WolframAlpha were much simpler to view exactly what was being searched. Charts and tables are some of my best friends! I wasn’t given 990,000 underlined titles that all include the word “India.” When searching for a simple something and then having to choose an appropriate link, these search engines worked very well! It gives you just what you need. And if it doesn’t, as in the population example, adding the search is simple. It is much more efficient.

C./D. I knew nothing about Google Squared or WolframAlpha before this assignment! I’ve come to realize there is a lot more out there than I started this course. During the activity that we have to download 15 programs and become a member or create an account of all of them, I quickly saw that I am living in a small, small world! I didn’t know anything about these searches; I guess you could say I live in a Google kind of world! Even though I say that, I still didn’t know much about Google, like the calendar and documents.

E.The “Did You Know” video really got my attention. When the facts about China, India, and Bermuda were flashed, I had all kinds of thoughts! I knew that China was much bigger than the United States. However, when the fact “China will soon be the number one English speaking country,” the first thing I thought of was, “Wow! We are so behind!” Now that I’m supposed to be thinking about this, I kind of felt pressured to think this way! Yes, I seriously believe these words flashed in my face influenced my thoughts! The music was also pretty scary! I do feel better looking at population. However, if this assignment were still assigned but it did not say “this assignment has to do with the “Did You Know” video,” I probably never would have thought about it still!

F. I am usually pretty good with looking more closely at statistics before making a judgment. As an athlete, if Betty game stats were better than mine, surely something had to be wrong! I will always look into it. I’d go to minutes played, what those minutes were, who was on the court with them (same and opposing team), and also who we played. If I was 38% from the field and Betty was 82% from the field, it looks like Betty is just a better player! However, what we don’t realize is that I played thirty-two minutes and Betty played a total of nine minutes. I had more opportunities to shoot. I think I do a poor job of really analyzing statistics when they don’t have to do with my own performance. Make a judgment without knowing all of the information could be a false judgment.

The Stable Boy and the iPad: It is important to create useful, helpful devices that can be used by all people just by experiencing it themselves.

The location of Pitcairn Island

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  1. Hi Leah. I think a lot of people are swayed by the "Did You Know Video". Like you said even the music is kind of daunting. SS