Monday, December 6, 2010

Final Report on My Personal Learning Network

This course has been an adventure. The first week I knew I was going to forget to do something. But thankfully, Dr. Strange shared the checklist which saved my life! I can rarely accomlpish something if it isn't organized. I enjoyed the projects and blog assignments, at least most of the time. Sometimes the videos required to watch seemed so long. Other times I shared the video with family because it was interseting. I previously used Symbaloo to explain my PLN progress report earlier in the semester. I still use Symbaloo! I have YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TimeToast, Screenr, ESPN, local weather, Amazon, Ebay, my blog and the class blog. My PLN is a time saver and it makes navigation simpler and more fun. My favorite part of the class was looking at the kid's blogs. Usually this was because they were short and sweet like, "Betty got a new bunny yesterday! I am going over to her house to see it!" Not only did it make commenting easy and fun, but it also brought back the simplicity of childhood!

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